Where’s My Water? Disney Mobile

“The Music is great”

“We dare you to play without humming the theme song…”

“The music is excellent, filling the background with catchy little tunes”

“Great soundtrack”

“The game looks fun, and I love the music, very Disney”

“Fun Soundtrack… the background music is smooth yet funky”
Slide Gamer

“The music in Where’s My Water? is upbeat, fun, and fresh.”
Clash Entertainment

“This game features some of my current favorite game music to date”
CrazyMike’s Apps

“a rare example where the developers did everything right. From the audio and visuals…to the gameplay”
Stitch Kingdom

“Catchy music in the background”
The Appera

“the soundtrack [is] quirky and fun”
The Smartphone App Review

“In terms of audio, the music and sound effects for this game certainly add to its charm”
How Stuff

Rugrats games THQ/Nickelodeon.

“Musically, the game is a standout…downright hummable tracks.”

“One of the shining points of the game”

“The music is great, and captures the brilliant theme tune.”

“The music of Mark Mothersbaugh is brought to life well…it all works.”

“The music is always just right”
Game Vortex (GameCube)

“The Arabian and Circus music is particularly well done.”

“The background music blends seamlessly into the game”
PGNx Media

“The sound captures the feel of the TV show”
Game Vortex (PS2)

Goosebumps Horrorland (Wii, DS, PS2) (2008) Publisher: Majesco

(Additional Music)

the music is fitting and fun…The aural elements exhibit a kid-friendly spookiness that fits perfectly with the whole Goosebumps vibe…
(DS) Cheat Code Central

the music is suitably spooky

The soundtrack is good at setting the mood
(Wii) Cheat Code Central

Sound definitely feels appropriate. The speakers are constantly filled with music appropriate for the themed area you are in
(DS) GameVortex

Happy Cooking (Nintendo DS) Publisher: Ubisoft

The music is quirky and matches the tone of the game.

I Spy Funhouse (CD-ROM) (2008) Publisher: Scholastic

Sound: 9 out of 10. It’s the creme of the crop.
Inside Mac Games

Ultimate I Spy (Wii) (2008) Publisher: Majesco

4 out of 5 stars.
USA Today

I Spy Universe (DS) (2010) Publisher: Scholastic

The music fits the theme very well